Grammar and Writing - School Price List

Pricing for 2018-2019:

Each level of the Grammar and Writing series consists of three components: 

  1. The Grammar Textbook  (for each student)
  2. The Writing Workbook  (for each student)
  3. The Teacher Bundle  (for the teacher)

See below for pricing and additional information.

 Grade 3    New   ISBN Price Each
  Grammar Textbook (Hardcover) 488 pages 978-1-935839-24-8 $45.30
          or Grammar Textbook (Softcover)   488 pages   978-1-935839-29-3   $25.95
          optional Consumable Review Sets   224 pages   978-1-935839-25-5   $11.98
  Writing Workbook 92 pages 978-1-935839-26-2 $7.68
  Teacher Bundle (3 books) (Multiple ISBNs) $125.00
 Grade 4      
  Grammar Textbook 607 pages 978-1-935839-03-3 $48.60
  Writing Workbook 125 pages 978-1-935839-01-9 $11.45
  Teacher Bundle (3 books) (Multiple ISBNs) $125.00
 Grade 5      
  Grammar Textbook 631 pages 978-1-935839-08-8 $47.40
  Writing Workbook 123 pages 978-1-935839-06-4 $11.45
  Teacher Bundle (3 books) (Multiple ISBNs) $125.00
 Grade 6      
  Grammar Textbook 601 pages 978-1-935839-13-2 $47.20
  Writing Workbook 123 pages 978-1-935839-11-8 $11.45
  Teacher Bundle (3 books) (Multiple ISBNs) $125.00
 Grade 7      
  Grammar Textbook 692 pages 978-1-935839-18-7 $49.80
  Writing Workbook 102 pages 978-1-935839-16-3 $10.45
  Teacher Bundle (3 books) (Multiple ISBNs) $125.00
 Grade 8      
  Grammar Textbook 717 pages 978-1-935839-23-1 $51.50
  Writing Workbook 102 pages 978-1-935839-21-7 $10.45
  Teacher Bundle (3 books) (Multiple ISBNs) $125.00

Product Details:

Grammar Textbooks are smyth sewn, reinforced hardcover books for repeated classroom use. Grammar and Writing 3 also offers two consumable options to significantly reduce student copywork. Each textbook presents a complete course of over 100 Lessons and Review Sets.

Writing Workbooks are perfect-bound (softcover), perforated, and three-hole punched for individual use. Each workbook contains 20-40 consumable writing lessons to complement the Grammar Textbook throughout the school year as directed by the teaching schedule.

Teacher Bundles include the following components:

  1. A coil bound Teacher's Edition which replicates the student edition with answers in red

  2. An extra Student Workbook for teacher use

  3. Teacher Packet (200+ pages, three-hole punched) that contains test masters, supplemental practice masters, the curriculum schedule, and answer keys

Each component in the Grammar and Writing series for schools is printed in the USA.

Order Form:

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