Product Information

Grammar and Writing is a language arts series for middle school students. The fourth through eighth grade programs are now available.


  • Comprehensive English language curriculum
  • Grammar, writing, spelling, and vocabulary development
  • Meets and exceeds Common Core State Standards for Language and Writing for 4th5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th.
  • Core Knowledge content of other subject areas, including history, geography, science, and literature, as recommended by E. D. Hirsch, embedded in the curriculum.
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  • Organized like the Saxon® Math textbooks Stephen Hake co-authored, with incremental development of the subject and continual review of concepts and skills
  • Hardcover student edition with consumable writing exercises and reproducible practice sheets and tests

Target Population:

  • Written to conform to grade-level standards
  • Successfully field tested with fourth through eighth grade students
  • Appropriate for older students and adults