Common Core State Standards

How does Common Core fit in?

Grammar and Writing - Common Core FAQ

Many teachers and parents have questions regarding the Common Core State Standards and how they are incorporated into the Grammar and Writing series.

What is Common Core?

The standards developed for the Common Core initiative were intended to describe a level of student performance that would comprise 80% or more of the standards of various adopting states. Many states are incorporating the Common Core standards into their own state standards, while sometimes not referring to Common Core by name. 

Is Grammar & Writing based on Common Core?

The Hake Publishing authors developed Grammar and Writing as a comprehensive language arts program before the Common Core State Standards were created. Therefore, while the program is not based on Common Core, the rigorous content in Grammar and Writing is extensive enough to meet and exceed the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts in the areas of Language and Writing.

Where are the Common Core Standards addressed in each textbook?

The following correlations indicate lessons in which these standards are addressed:

How much revision did Grammar and Writing undergo to meet Common Core?

Because of the already extensive nature of the Grammar and Writing series, nothing whatsoever was changed in the hardcover textbooks. The authors added between three to five new writing lessons at the end of each student workbook to cover additional topics such as Writing in Response to Literature and Writing in Response to Informational Text

In what ways does Grammar and Writing exceed the Common Core Standards?

Grade-appropriate Core Knowledge® content (not to be confused with Common Core) is embedded in the examples and exercises to reinforce learning of other subject areas, including literature, geography, science, the Constitution, and America's founding.

By combining a rigorous language arts framework with a proven pedagogy developed to stimulate exceptional student achievement, Grammar and Writing creates a rich educational experience surpassing the scope of most state standards.

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