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Video Transcript:

Stephen Hake - lead author of 3rd-8th grade Saxon Math and founder of Hake Publishing

Why the Grammar and Writing program? Its unique pedagogy: 

  • Incremental Development: A little bit of new instruction every day
  • Continual Review: Don't let students forget; keep practicing

Cognitive psychologists refer to this as interleaving. It's a hot new field, but it's been proven for thirty years in Saxon Math, and it's working just as effectively for language arts as it is for math.

Dr. Christie Curtis - co-author of Grammar and Writing with Mary Hake

Mary Hake and I conceived a language arts program based on the success of Saxon Math, hoping that we could use the incremental learning approach just as Saxon Math had. We chose a theme for each level of book -- animals, states, British authors, American authors and their works, fairy tales, folk tales with moral messages, and even US government -- to ensure that our students were well-rounded individuals and ready to move on in their educational career. 

Mrs. Rivas - Classroom Teacher

My kids really love the rich content. They recognize pieces from literature, science, and social studies. These are all part of the examples, and when the students come across these examples, sometimes they'll look things up online to learn more about it or sometimes they'll just talk about what they're learning in their other class. The cross-curricular content is amazing. 


Dr. Christie Curtis - co-author of Grammar and Writing with Mary Hake

Also woven throughout the Grammar and Writing series are character lessons (suggested by William Bennett's book of virtues for children) to underscore those areas that we hope to see, grow, and develop in our students. 

If students consistently follow our grammar series, then they will finish their grammar years with a foundation that will allow them to communicate effectively, whether it is in speech or in writing.