About the Grammar and Writing Curriculum

Grammar and Writing is a rigorous English language arts series designed to help students learn and remember the skills and concepts that will enable them to be successful communicators.

Covers Grammar, Writing, Spelling, and Vocabulary

The comprehensive program covers English grammar, writing, spelling, punctuation, and vocabulary development. 

  • All grade levels of Grammar and Writing simultaneously develop the basic concepts of grammar: eight parts of speech, sentence structure, sentence diagramming, capitalization, punctuation, and correct word usage. 
  • The curriculum includes daily vocabulary practice, spelling rules, and weekly spelling tests in the form of dictation. 
  • A separate, consumable writing workbook for each grade level provides approximately 35 lessons covering brainstorming, outlining, re-writing, evaluation, and all the parts of the complete, well-structured essay. In addition to persuasive essays, expository essays, research papers, descriptive essays, and personal narratives, students write imaginative stories, poetry, and responses to literature and informational texts. 

See our Scope and Sequence (PDF) to view the topics covered in each grade level.

Uses Proven Methodology

As students progress through the textbooks, the topics increase in depth and complexity. Two features distinguish Grammar and Writing from its competitors: incremental development and continual review. Thirty years of research and experience have shown that incremental learning and daily review improve test scores and knowledge retention. Learn more »  

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Students Also Learn History, Literature, Science, and Art

Embedded in the examples and exercises is Core Knowledge® content from other subject areas, so that students learn valuable facts while developing their English language skills. Each grade level of the grammar textbook contains age-appropriate references to art, music, literature, poetry, science, history, and geography. 

In addition to the Core Knowledge® content from multiple subject areas, some of the books also have a special emphasis. For example, the third grade book teaches about jobs and careers; the fourth grade book focuses on animals and insects; the fifth grade book concentrates on the unique characteristics of the fifty states of the United States; the sixth grade book mentions a wide variety of Core Knowledge® facts that every American should know; the seventh grade book contains many literary terms in addition to Greek and Latin roots; and the eighth grade book highlights U.S. history and the U.S. Constitution.


Meets and Exceeds State Standards

Grammar and Writing meets and exceeds state standards for English language arts in the areas of Language and Writing. Read more »  

Useful for Many Ages

The series currently spans grades 3-8. However, high school students will benefit from Grammar and Writing 8, which thoroughly covers the skills needed for college-board exams. In fact, co-author and college professor Christie Curtis has successfully used the content in Grammar and Writing 8 with university English majors who showed extraordinary improvement in their grammar skills.


What Is Included?

For schools, the Hake Grammar and Writing series has four components at each grade level, including a hardcover Student Textbook, a softcover Student Workbook, a coil-bound Teacher's Edition, and a loose-leaf Teacher Packet with tests, supplemental practice, and answers. Online eBook access is also available as an optional add-on per Student Textbook. 

  • Note to homeschool readers: The homeschool edition, published by Saxon, uses a softcover Student Textbook and omits the coil-bound Teacher's Edition which is only used in classroom settings.

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