How to Use the Grammar and Writing Series

Even with its rigorous curriculum, Grammar and Writing is designed for ease of use. We offer the following suggestions to help you implement the Grammar and Writing program effectively.

Feel free to print this guide for future reference. 

Note that Grammar and Writing 3 does not include dictations or journal topics. Instead, a brief "Grammar Meeting" precedes each lesson, providing younger students with much-needed time to train their "grammar ears" by listening to well-crafted sentences and speaking grammatically in response. 

Beginning Class

Notice that each lesson begins with a Dictation or Journal Entry, which students will find in the appendix of their textbooks. To begin their grammar/writing period, students need not wait for teacher instruction, for they will know what to do each day:

Monday: Copy the dictation to prepare for Friday's test.

Tuesday: Write on a journal topic.

Wednesday: Write on a journal topic.

Thursday: Write on a journal topic.

Friday: Look over dictation to prepare for dictation test.

Dictations On the first school day of each week, students copy a dictation to study throughout the week for a test on Friday. Note the number of words and punctuation marks in the dictation and discuss grammar concepts found in it. To test your students at the end of the week, read the dictation aloud slowly and clearly, allowing time for your students to write the passage with correct spelling and punctuation.
Journal Topics On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (non-dictation days), students will spend approximately five minutes writing on a journal topic. We suggest that the student write on these topics in the order they are listed.
Grammar Lessons Because of the incremental format of this program, Grammar Lessons should be taught in order. Do not skip any lessons. After reading a lesson, the students will practice the new concept from that lesson.

Guide students through the questions in the Practice section and check their answers before they begin the Review Set. Some lessons have “More Practice,” which is optional. Some students may need it; others will not. These More Practice exercises immediately follow the Practice exercises in the textbook. If the More Practice is a consumable page, then you will find a copy master for that page in the last section of the Teacher Packet.
Grammar Test and Writing Day We suggest that you give a grammar test after every five lessons. (Notice that the first test follows Lesson 10.) The short, twenty-five question test should allow time for a Writing Lesson to be completed on test day, although you may prefer to teach the Writing Lessons on days other than tests days. Writing Lessons are sequenced and should be taught in order. You will find a suggested schedule for teaching the Writing Lessons near the front of the teacher's edition. You will notice that Writing Lessons might be prescribed two or three days in a row. The program is designed so that you do not have a Grammar Lesson to teach on test day. Tests, found in the Teacher Packet, can be duplicated as needed for student use.

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